Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Long time

Hi folks. Sorry it's been so terribly long since I updated my blog. Life, as we know it, has changed so very much. Transition is once again in the air.

As you probably know, Lisa lost her job at the vet clinic here in Raleigh on July 3. Details aren't important, but the doctor there seems to have done her best to black-ball Lisa at every turn. We actually, at one point, considered consulting an attorney since it seems that the doctor was telling potential employers some rather insulting things about Lisa.

Before that could happen, a dear friend of Lisa's who lives near her hometown in Kentucky, told Lisa about a job opening at the clinic she works for. After a telephone interview with the doctor there, Lisa was invited to go up for a face-to-face interview. We talked about it, weighed our options, and then made the arrangements for Lisa to basically move back to Kentucky. We borrowed money (thank you, dear friend!), spoke to Lisa's aunt where she is staying and Lisa left this past Saturday. Her interview was Monday at noon and she'll hear something "later this week." In the meantime, she is checking for other job openings as we do not have the money to get her back to Raleigh should this job not pan out.

So, I am working at Labcorp, at least for the time being. Once Lisa starts working up in Kentucky, she'll find a small furnished room so she won't have to stay at her aunt's house, and then she'll start looking for us a place to live. Our idealistic goal is for me to join her by the end of January, but realistically I don't expect to be up there before about Easter. A large part of my heart is in Kentucky and it is frustrating not knowing when we'll be together again.

I thought "Okay, I'll spend my quiet evenings writing." Well, that just doesn't seem to be happening. I just don't seem to have anything to say when the inspiration for me to start writing in the first place is 400 miles away. I have so many stories started and an obligation to finish one by November AND I've signed up for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in November and I have no clue what to write about. I can never remember feeling this empty before.

Thank goodness for good friends - both in real life and cyber friends - because my own kids aren't being very supportive at this time in my life. I let them know Lisa left and why and asked, no begged, them to call me once in a while to cheer me up, to give me a boost. Lisa left on Saturday - guess how many phone calls I've recieved from my "loving" children?

I had planned on going to Texas for a week in December. When Lisa left, I thought the trip would have to be cancelled. And it still might have to be - I have to be sure I have someone to dog-sit before I make any hard and fast plans. However, IF I still am able to make the trip, I seriously doubt I'll stay with the kids. Why should I? They obviously don't care about me or how I feel or the fact that the one person I love more than life itself isn't here with me right now. Why in the world would I want to stay with people like that? And since I have no place else to stay, it looks like the trip is off regardless of whether I can find a dog-sitter or not.

I saw on another blog where someone posts a picture a day that she took. I think the pictures she posts are ones she took each individual day. I thought that was so cool. Doing something like that would force me to look around everyday for something worth photographing. So, I thought I would start doing something like that. I'm going to start with posting a photo a day from my archives, but eventually, soon, I hope to post one a day I took THAT day! I would love to hear y'all's comments on the pictures.

Thanks to all of you for reading my diatribe. I'm lonely. I miss my Lisa. I miss the people I thought I raised my children to be.


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