Friday, June 27, 2008

Don't eat Papa John's

On June 16, Lisa and I ordered (online) a pizza, cheese sticks, 2 diet cokes, 1 free coke zero and a tropical fusion. When the order was delivered we got a pizza, 1 diet coke, 1 coke zero and a vitamin water. We called the store that the order was delivered from and the young man I spoke to told me I was "stupid" because we apparently hit the wrong button on the website. Okay, that pissed me off, but I stayed remarkably calm. Then I asked why we got a vitamin water instead of the tropical fusion and again I was told I was "stupid" for not knowing that particular store did not carry the fusion. Then I blew up and Lisa took the phone away from me. She demanded we get our cheese sticks and the manager was extremely rude to her. So she told him to come get the food and credit our debit card the $27.26. He told her he wouldn't come get the food but would credit the card. He didn't do it. So, we then had a $35 overdraft fee. As of today we still didn't have our credit. We called the store and was told "Oh, we forgot." Oh, you wouldn't believe how mad that made me and Lisa. On top of that, we were told since they "forgot," they can't do it now, it has to be done at corporate. Well, we called corporate. Everyone there that can do it is on "vacation." I have filed formal complaints with the Better Business Bureau and with Papa John's online. I am now starting a huge campaign to take as much business away from them as possible. I am making up flyers that say, in essence, "Papa John's false advertises what products are available; they make promises they have no intention of keeping; they are thieves and commit fraud." Then I'm putting those flyers on every car in their parking lot and in the parking lots of adjacent businesses.

So, be fair warned. Papa John's does not police their stores to be sure that what is advertised on the website is the same products available at their stores; they do not police their stores to be sure their customers are treated with respect; they do not police their stores to be sure that money that should be refunded to their customers is refunded. This store IS a corporate store; so the corporation is responsible for making sure the customers that frequent that store are treated properly.

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