Saturday, November 28, 2009

Welcome Home available for purchase!

Even though my webpage at PD Publishing doesn't yet reflect it (still says "ISBN: not assigned yet") I found out in the most awesome way that my book is available. I got fan mail last night! YEA!!! Gosh, that feels good. Anyway, this particular reader was able to order her copy from Amazon. Another friend of mine also sent me an email telling me she was able to order the book from one of our local bookstores.

Soooooo, check out for my "Bookstores For Us" page at my website to find a local indie bookstore in your area where you should be able to order Welcome Home. If a store isn't listed close to you, keep checking back as my daughter is working hard to keep the list updated as I hear from more stores. (Also if you know of a store in your area that is not listed, please drop me a line with the bookstore name. I'm emailing all I can find email addresses for.)

If for some reason you would rather not shop a brick and mortar store, here's the Amazon page for my book: . Most of y'all know how I feel about Amazon, but until Welcome Home is available at SCP Books ( (hopefully soon), this is the only place I know of the book can be ordered online.

I'm so excited! Getting fan mail is awesome!

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