Sunday, January 17, 2010

My proposed amendment to the marriage laws

This has nothing to do with my writing, but everything to do with equality.

Since pundits of the movement against same-sex marriage uses procreation as a main reason for denying same-sex couples the right to marry, I propose an amendment to the “marriage” laws as they stand today.

When a couple marries, regardless of age or knowledge of fertility, each member of the couple must sign a contract with the government that they agree they will produce a minimum of one biological child within twenty-four months of their union. If a couple knows beforehand they are unable (due to proven infertility or age) or are unwilling to have children in the proscribed period of time, that couple is only able to have a civil union and/or domestic partnership. They will be denied the same rights as legally married couples who can and will have children (taxes, health care, etc). Partners will not be allowed to include each other on health insurance benefits at work unless that benefit is taxed, as it is now for same-sex couples. They will be denied the right to be with their loved one during health care crises unless the appropriate powers of attorney are on hand. They will be in danger of losing their home should their partner die unless they are specifically mentioned as inheriting it in their partner’s will.

If, after two years, a couple who has signed the childbirth contract has not had the promised child(ren), their union will be null and void. They will be required to pay back taxes on any benefits they have received as a result of their union, including any taxes paid as a married couple when they should have been filing as individuals. Any children born after the union is deemed over (by law, since the children were not born in the twenty-four month time frame), will be considered born out of wedlock. The non-childbearing member will not be allowed to have his name on the birth certificate and will not be allowed to adopt the child unless in a state where same-sex couples are given the right to have both parents’ names on the birth certificate and/or is allowed to adopt the child.

The only exceptions to the above are if couples who cannot or chooses not to have children are married in a state that recognizes same-sex marriage. However, the couple will not be allowed to claim federal benefits since they cannot or will not have children.

Once ALL marriages are recognized by the federal government and ALL marriages receive the same benefits, whether opposite sex couples or same-sex couples, the above amendments will become null and void.

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Vince said...

You're right.. it's so logical if you believe their claims.