Saturday, May 17, 2008


Today was the first day Lisa and I have had a chance to get out to the lake and go fishing. Why is it that when you plan on getting an early start every thing gets in the way? We got up early enough, but we still didn't manage to get to the dock until after ten o'clock. We baited our hooks and cast them out - well, I actually just let mine drop straight off the edge of the dock. Then I sat down to write, basically ignoring my pole while Lisa cast and then re-cast and then cast again. She finally cast out to where she was happy and sat down as well. I got up to stretch and notice my bobber was completely under the water. I reeled in about an 8 inch crappie. The family fishing next to us laughed and commented that the only person not really fishing was the only one catching anything. Well, I continued to just basically wet my bait and then write for a while and I'm the only one to catch anything. I caught four crappie, but only three were keepers.

We came home and I fired up the grill. Then I cleaned my fish and wrapped them in foil. I had already thawed a T-bone out, so I seasoned it and put it over the coals. I added the fish after the steak had cooked about 10 minutes. I turned it over and cooked it all another 10 minutes while I heated corn on the cob up on the stove. We had a feast! The steak and fish and corn were all just perfect.

Well, the coals were still perfect for cooking. We had brats and Italian sausage in the freezer so we pulled those out and put them over the coals. They are perfectly cooked for us to use in our spaghetti tomorrow night and for lunches during the week.

The day was about as perfect as a day could get. The only downside is the back of my neck, sides of my face, and tops of my ears are all beet red. I wore a ball cap, but that didn't give me much protection. So now I have my funky hat with the flaps that cover my neck and a big floppy brim to keep the sun off the rest of my face and I dug out the sunblock. Lisa is a tad bit red as well, but not nearly as bad. I'm glad I wore long-sleeves or I would really be cooked. The breeze was so cool and comfortable we kind of forgot about the sun until it was too late.

We're going to try to go fishing again tomorrow morning. The forecast calls for scattered showers, but we're hoping they're scattered somewhere else!

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