Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My (forgettable) birthday: Warning - rant ahead

I turn 50 two weeks from Sunday. For the past five years I've been telling my kids I wanted us to spend that day together, regardless of where we all live. I've been promised faithfully, right up until this past Christmas, that would indeed happen. In January, my son took a job at the same company where my son in law works. I reminded him BEFORE he took it to be sure his boss knew he would need time off to come from Texas to North Carolina for my birthday. I found out a few weeks after he started, he FORGOT to tell the boss that. And now he can't get the time off. My son in law could, if he would, and he and my daughter could have come out. But he also FORGOT to ask for the time off, so now they aren't coming either.

Because my children were never taught my their father that my birthday and Mother's Day are important days to remember (although they learned Father's Day and his birthday are important), I told them in January what I wanted for each day. I told them I wanted new portraits of them for Mother's Day and a gift card to my favorite bird store for my birthday. I reminded them several times, but guess what? They FORGOT to get their pictures taken! Now, through no fault of their own, they can't afford to. But if they had done it way back when I first asked, their financial situation now would have no bearing on whether I got the portraits or not. I don't mind so much not getting the gift card (although my greedy self says I still want it!), but I don't live near my kids and I want up-to-date pictures of them and I don't think that's much to ask. But they can't remember to do anything special for me.

I keep reminding them a person only turns 50 once. I should be able to celebrate that milestone with the people I love. I am blessed to be able to spend it with Lisa. I want to spend it with my kids too. And I don't think I should be the one who has to travel for it to happen! My feelings are hurt (in case you haven't already figured that out) and I seriously doubt they will even notice. They never do. I'm that forgettable.

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