Friday, May 2, 2008

My Ideal Life

I've been challenged by several books and articles to write what my ideal life would be like. Every one of them said to write it as though it is already true. So, here goes. I'm sure it's not complete, so I may add more later.

My Ideal Life

I live on the Atlantic coast, somewhere between Nag's Head, NC, and St. Mary's, GA, but not in the Myrtle Beach, SC, area. I live in a large yellow house with white trim with Lisa, the love of my life, and our cats and dogs.

From the back of the house we have direct access to the beach via a long, well-cared for walkway (looks like wood, but is actually that composite stuff that never rots). The walkway, at irregular intervals widens to accomodate a covered and well-lit sitting areas.

The house is large and airy and spacious with a modern, up-to-date kitchen (stainless appliances, lots of gadgets to play with, lots of cabinets and counter tops) that opens to an eating area and large living space. Large windows line the entire area, looking out over the back porch and deck. The view stretches out forever to the ocean and the far horizon. The porch is screened in, with windows that close snuggly to protect the porch and its inhabitants from inclement weather.

Hardwood floors are throughout the house with intermittent, brightly colored throw rugs. The walls are covered with Lisa's and my photography and artwork and other pictures that we love. The furniture is comfortable and inviting and pet friendly.

The dogs and cats have the run of most of the house and porch, but there are also two rooms set aside strictly for them. In the dog room are comfortable kennels with access to outdoor runs. The cats also have access to an outside play area that is entirely enclosed for their safety and protection. Both rooms are outfitted with filters to help filter out the inevitable odors animals sometimes emit and keep them from the rest of the house.

Our master bedroom suite is huge. It includes a comfortable sitting area where we can relax with a good book or our laptops (wireless internet is available throughout the house and out to the sitting areas on the walkway). The king size bed is made up in lively colored linens and bright comforter. Dimming switches for the overhead lights are within easy reach of either sid of the bed.

Two walk-in closets have built in drawers for our clothing as well as plenty of space for our shoes and hanging up clothes. Between them is the wonderful master bath with its whirlpool tub situated in front of large windows that afford the bather with a view of the ocean and horizon. A massive, glassed in shower has multiple shower heads, many with massaging action. The long double vanity with its raised sinks offers plenty of room for both of us to be preparing for our day or night at the same time.

On either side of the master suite are our private sleeping rooms for those nights we just need to be alone with our thoughts or when Lisa wants the dogs to sleep with her (they are banned from the king size bed!).

I also have a well-stocked craft studio with everything I could ever need or want to paint or collage or sew. Next to it is my office (both rooms are brightly lit and airy). My office has a large desk with a comfortable chair and bookcases that go about two-thirds up the walls. The bookcases are full of books I love, including my own published novels, Lisa's children's books and Chame's volumes of poetry.

Lisa's office and media room are just down the hall. Her office is set up just the way she wants. The media room has a large plasma TV on one wall with all the recording devices anyone could wish for. Comfortable chairs and sofas are positioned for easy viewing. The state-of-the-art stereo system can be broadcast to any or all the rooms in the house and out onto the deck and walkway. Large cabinets house all the DVDs and CDs she ever wished for.

Several guest suites occupy the upper floor and a small guest cottage is positioned between the house and the dunes. The spacious yard is dotted with small flower beds full of every kind of flower ever known to grow in the coastal climate. Bird feeders, bird baths and bird house are everywhere. A vegetable and herb garden is situated at the base of the deck steps, convenient to whoever is cooking, whether in the outdoor kitchen or the indoor kitchen. An enclosed and heated swimming pool and hot tub are popular gathering places for our friends and guests.

The large garage, connected to the house by an arbor covered walkway heavy with trumpet vine, house my green Honda Element, loaded with every amenity, and Lisa's silver Silverado pick-up truck. The far end of the garage is home to our large camping trailer when we aren't pulling it with Lisa's truck to our next destination. Traveling is one of our favorite hobbies. Above the garage is our well-organized, climate controlled storage area.

Lisa and I both have jobs we love and look forward to. I work at a job where I make a difference; where there is a good team because everyone cares deeply about what they do; where longevity is the norm rather than the exception; and whre I am accepted and respected for who I am.

We have a lorge group of friends with whom we network with and socialize with on a regualr basis, including Chame and Marline. My kids come out to visit on a regualr basis as do Christie and CT and their kids.

Even though I work at a job I love, I still have plenty of time to devote to my writing, my photography and my painting. I continue to prove myself worthy of publishing with both my writing and my photography in great demand.
The relationship Lisa and I have continues to deepen and to grow. Our love is palpable and friends often comment on it.
We are active together in a local church. We are members of a dinner club and other social groups. We spend time together birdwatching, shell seeking, beach walking, camping and just lounging.
I am able to release all grudges and resentment and am able to forgive quickly. I am able to be angry without being ugly or throwing a tantrum. My health and weight are at their best. I compete regularly in half and full marathons as a racewalker. I am a mentor to young women and latebloomers alike at the local LGBT community center.
I love my life and have never been happier.
Oh, by the way, my clothing of choice is still jeans and a t-shirt during the winter, switching to shorts when the weather is war. A good pair of sneakers, a pair of walking shoes, and a pair of Earth sandals are good enough for everyday and a cute pair of boots for going out. And my hair is still short!


Judy said...

It sounds like a great life, and you've challenged me to design my own ideal life.

Wamblings said...

Adrienne and I have just decided to go be roomies in your guest cottage.

This is beautiful. I need to do some of this myself.